Trace Printed Circuit Board Design LTD.


TRACE PCB Design Ltd. was founded and managed by Mr. Dov Pinto who has more than 28 years experience in Development and Design of electronic products in various advanced technologies
TRACE PCB Design Ltd. reliability and high quality with ability to withstand short time to market and affordable prices.
TRACE PCB Design Ltd. delivers a solution to all types of Printed Circuits Boards in the High Tech industry.
TRACE PCB Design Ltd. follows new manufacturing technologies , is familiar with requirements and capabilities
TRACE employs an experienced team of 14 employers designing Electronic Printed Circuit Board specializing in advanced technologies. TRACE’s in-house EDA software and tools is equipped with state of the art CAD/CAM systems that allow for rapid designing and hard timing to meet your tight schedule, while controlling costs. Our dynamic staff of expert designers has the experience assuring that your project comes in ahead of time and within budget. TRACE is equipped to provide qualification, acceptance and testing services.
TRACE supplies advise on component engineering and libraries in accordance with customer's requirement and specifications.
TRACE handles fast and complex boards for RF/Wireless, Cellular, High Speed communication, Fiber Optic Industry.
TRACE delivers a comprehensive solution for Turn-key projects beginning in R&D trough PCB Design and Production,
And finally as a complete product.


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