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Layout Design

TRACE PCB Design provides printed circuit board services that cater To the customer needs, & upholding Electrical & Mechanical Requirements
TRACE PCB Design, Provides the Customer, With A Wide Range of Fast and Advance Printed Circuit Board Design Systems.
TRACE PCB Design Team, has an extensive background in electronics and computers & is highly professional & experienced ,in designing wide range of PCB's, Every PCB designer accompanies the project from Schematic Entry to manufacturing files.
TRACE PCB Design, would like to emphasize, that the board placement & routing is done strictly by hand, auto routing is done per customer request and complex constraints definition.
TRACE PCB Design, used to rout signals for Signal Integrity before electronic Simulations to Hyperlinx (MENTOR) and SPECTRAQUEST (CADENCE).
All of TRACE PCB Design Employees realize several verification phases during the design process and are required to handle, customer manufacture files . They work under ISO 9001/2008 standard  and TRACE PCB Design Quality Assurance guidelines.
Printed Circuit Board Design Systems, we supply Viewers to the customer, to examine the design

Please find our various Electronic Types for special routing examples.

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